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Teaching Philosophy

I have always firmly believed that music education, be it in the classroom or through private or group lessons, is incredibly important. It is my great pleasure to work with students of all ages and ability levels, from young students putting together the flute for the first time to middle, high school and adult students who may pursue music as a hobby, a career or anything in between. I strongly believe that since all students are individuals it is my job as a flute teacher to help them reach their personal goals. In my studio, you will find that your lesson time is just that: your time.

Although the format of each lesson, as well as materials used, are tailored to the student’s needs, the majority of students will work on similar skills throughout their time as part of my studio, at a variety of levels. These skills include tone production, note reading/fingerings, rhythmic accuracy and interpretation of music.

Beginner students

Students in their first few years of study will typically work on basic skills through use of a method book such as Trevor Wye’s Beginner’s Book for the Flute (Parts 1 and 2), Rubank Elementary and Intermediate Flute Methods and the Overtones Comprehensive Flute Series (Levels 1-3). These materials will be supplemented as needed with other exercises (separate focus on rhythm, work with tone production using the headjoint only, and so forth) and music.

Intermediate and Advanced students

As students progress, they will continue to develop the skills mentioned above, at deeper levels. We explore a variety of tone exercises which may include working with such materials as Trevor Wye’s Flute Practice Book for the Flute, Volume 1: Tone and Marcel Moyse’s 24 Little Melodic Studies, as well as exercises learned by ear and tailored to the student’s needs (use of harmonics, whistle tones, singing and playing, etc).

Once students have learned all of their major and minor scales and arpeggios, we proceed to the use of studies such as those in Taffanel and Gaubert’s 17 Daily Exercises and M.A. Reichert’s 7 Daily Exercises. At this point in a student’s study, the entire world of flute literature opens up! We will work on pieces appropriate to each student’s ability level and interests, from pieces written in the Baroque Era to those written just a few years ago.

High school students are encouraged to participate in events such as NYSSMA (New York State School Music Association) Solo Festival, for which students prepare a piece and perform it for an adjudicator. All students, no matter what their ages, are encouraged to perform in their schools and communities through participation in large and small ensembles as well as performing solo. Studio recitals are often held to give everyone the opportunity to perform for their friends, family and fellow students.

There’s an amazing amount of music out there for us to learn and share with each other—so let’s get to it!

photo of Jacqueline Wright